Afghan Girls Financial Assistance Fund


The Afghan Girls Financial Assistance Fund (“AGFAF”) was established in 2008 to aid young Afghan women who seek a college education in the USA. AGFAF identifies promising young women, matches them with participating educational institutions and American host families and provides financial support for expenses not covered by either these institutions or host families. These women often need additional secondary education before starting at a college or university. AGFAF also provides assistance at this level.

The women selected by AGFAF are not only well qualified, highly motivated and in need of financial assistance, but also are committed to bring social change to their country and sharing the benefit of their education to improve conditions in Afghanistan. They share this benefit while back home during the summers and will continue to do so once they return home having completed their USA based education. AGFAF provides round trip transportation home each summer to allow recipients time with their families, to maintain their cultural ties and to engage in worthwhile projects.

The value of providing such assistance goes beyond the life-changing opportunity for these individuals. It is measured by the profound and lasting impact that educated women have in the growth and development of their country’s future.

While here in the USA, the AGFAF supported young women serve as educators and ambassadors helping their fellow students, teachers and the members of their host communities better understand and appreciate the conditions in Afghanistan. Further, when they communicate with family, friends and acquaintances back home, they bring a new perspective that helps foster mutual understanding and respect.