Zainab graduated with high honors from St. Elizabeth with a  major in global studies and a minor in business. 

"Things are needs to happen. I believe that I have a chance to make change and focus on being a powerful woman."

Mariam has volunteered with the Khaled Hosseini Foundation and clerked with journalist and author, Peter Bergen. She graduated this spring with a degree in International Relations. After graduation she returned to Afghanistan and is currently a researcher at a Kabul research institute where she is part of a team analyzing radicalization trends.

Nilab '19 ​-Wilkes University

In 2008 a young Afghan girl who was attending Blair Academy could not afford to pay for college.  She came to the attention of several individuals who decided to help – who decided to make a difference – and AGFAF was born. Today AGFAF has helped over 30 girls receive an education.

However, the story of AGFAF begins long before 2008.  It began years earlier when Afghanistan was seized by civil war and women and girls were subjugated by the Taliban and forced out of society and into their homes.  During this time women were denied access to education.   Although Afghanistan is rebuilding after the years of being torn down, girls still continue to pursue education at great risk to their own and their family’s life. 

This is the common story of Afghanistan, but each of our
girls has her own story.  Each of our girls is unique and brings her own strengths and experience to AGFAF.  One comes from a loving home where education is highly valued.  She has grown up in a world of books and knowledge.  Another comes from a home shattered by war.  She has grown up in a world of pain and sorrow; siblings and parents senselessly lost.  Some are refugees who have moved away and back – back to the motherland they love. 

There are many stories, but what these girls do have in common is hope and commitment.  Hope for a brighter future for themselves and Afghanistan and the commitment to making a change.  These girls understand the power of education and how this education can transform the Afghanistan of today to their dreams of tomorrow.   AGFAF supports these girls and their dream because we too believe education can make a difference – for these girls, for Afghanistan and for the world.  

Fatima '17 - Bucknell University

Nahid '15​ -  Skidmore College

Zainab '14​ -College of St. Elizabeth

Malahat '16​ - Lafayette College

Mariam '14 - Mount Holyoke College

A graduate of St. Timothy's School, Malahat is a double major in Economics and International affairs and is eager to help connect young people in her home country with educational opportunities. In the summer of 2011, Malahat taught at Zabuli Education Center, a school just outside Kabul that provides free education for girls.

Noorjahan is the recipient of the Glamour Magazine 2013 outstanding college woman award. Newsweek and Forbes have likewise recognized her as one of the outstanding women in the world. In March 2012, she participated on a Women in the World Summit panel which was moderated by Chelsea Clinton and which dealt with the use of digital technology and social networking as vehicles for positive change.

Noorjahan ' 14 ​- Dickinson College

Wazhma has formed and leads KAMYAB Afghanistan, a consulting and marketing firm  which aims to empower small and medium size enterprises in Afghanistan.  In the summer of 2013, she worked for the Afghan Transition Commission. 

Wazhma ' 14​ - Yale University

Shamila ' 12 - Drew University

Shamila is a former captain of the Afghanistan Girls Soccer Team and a recipient of the ESPN-ESPY Arthur Ashe Courage Award. She graduated from Drew University in May 2012 and is now working in the North Africa- Middle East section of the International Republican Institute in Washington, D.C.

Mahsheed is a graduate of St. Timothy's School. In 2012, she was chosen to be an ANNpower Vital Voices Fellow, implementing her project, Afghan Youth Reading Association (AYRA) that summer in Afghanistan.  She has also worked for LAPIS Consulting, a subsidiary of the MOBY Group, in Afghanistan. 

Zahra graduated from the Peddie School where, in 2013, she received the Kissinger Award for Diplomacy.  For the past 2 summers Zahra has worked at TOLO News in Afghanistan where she learned the "basic journalistic skills needed to conduct, manage and launch a political discussion considering the most critical and important issues of the world and broadcasting it to the public."  

Fatima graduated from Mercersburg Academy and is studying global management at Bucknell.  She worked at National Democratic Institute in the Summer of 2013. To read more about Fatima go to the AGFAF in the News tab. 

Zahra '17​ - Washington & Lee University

Nilab graduated in 2015 from Alcanta International College in China.

​" I want to become the voice of those who do not have the opportunity or courage to raise their voice. I am ready to study, ready to support women, ready to bring change, ready to fight for gender equality, discrimination against women, child labor and illiteracy in my country and to give back to the organization and my people. "  

Mahsheed '17​ - Muhlenburg College

Bahara graduated from Wyoming Seminary in 2016.  Already very active on the Drew campus, she was elected to the student government as a freshman Senator and plans to major in neuroscience. 

Bahara '20 ​- Drew University

Nahid graduated Blair Academy as an AGFAF student and currently studies International Affairs. In 2013, she interned with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) in Kabul working with coalitions, political parties and prepared for the 2014 elections.